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Rwacof has been a coffee processor and exporter since 1996. Located in Kanserege – Gikondo, Kigali, Rwacof has extensive knowledge of the internal and export markets and a worldwide network of buyers for Arabica coffee.

Rwacof exports to all continents. We produce Washed and Fully Washed Arabica. Special types are available at buyers' request. Samples can be sent for appreciation and testing.

Rwacof Factory
Rwacof Factory

Rwacof not only processes coffee for its own sales but also offers its processing facilities to small scale farmers and exporters.

We call upon our company’s logistics team to offer  quality transport and shipping services, providing regular updates on the cargo position.

Rwacof is committed to improving efficiencies in the supply chain with the objective of giving better prices to thousands of small coffee farmers throughout Rwanda. Training programs have been developed for farmers and farmer groups, especially in areas such as better handling and processing of coffee at farm level.

By purchasing commodities directly from the farmer, maintaining the company's high standards, retaining skilled staff, and investing in machinery and logistical support, both quality and delivery times have been and will remain a strength and priority of Rwacof.

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Rwacof employs a dedicated permanent staff and numerous casual day-workers. The male to female ratio is maintained at 70:30 for both senior and junior/casual worker staff.

One of the strengths of Rwacof lies in its modern laboratory set to determine and test all quality parameters. Highly skilled personnel are employed with extensive cupping abilities and coffee knowledge.


Rwanda is a land-locked country in the heart of Africa in the equatorial region. It is blessed with numerous lakes, rivers and fertile volcanic soils ideal for Arabica growing. Rwanda coffee is mainly traditional Bourbon Arabic as well as some other productive varieties. The climate around Lake Kivu and on the high plateau give rise to a good coffee product that is sweet, rich in acidity and strong bodied. Furthermore, Rwanda coffee has citrus like fragrance with fruity scents and floral notes. Coffee farms are located on the hilly mountain slopes and some at very high altitudes. Farmers usually cultivate their coffee plantations using sustainable organic methods that also counter soil depletion or insect invasions.

Facts (2006):

9.9 millions
26.338 square km
GDP - per capita:
GDP - real gross rate:
5.8 %